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Hiring Foreign Employees – Thing to Keep in Mind

A widely popular way used by global companies to stay competitive is to hire workers from all around the world. This not only diversifies their skill sets but also gives them an edge over those who hire only locally. It is important to use the correct recruitment processes while acquiring experienced and skilled international talent, as they bring varied perspectives and fill talent gaps that may be found wanting locally. For many companies, hiring remote workers from different nations has become the norm. After all, who doesn’t want their company running even outside their work hours when the locals are sleeping? Different time zones seem to pander to this luxury quite nicely to the delight of the chiefs.

It is, therefore, no surprise that HR experts often go out of their way to hire foreign talent. However, research studies show that a major chunk of HR managers find it difficult to recruit the top employees globally. There are several obstacles when HR employees set out to hire international people. It could be the dearth of capable and quality employees, irregular timelines, lack of credible sources, or even visa requirements. Therefore, it is imperative to have a strong hiring strategy ready when recruiting international employees. Given below are a few tips to know that will definitely appeal to global employees:

  • Every workplace culture differs and needs to be understood – In Israel, employees observe Sabbath on Friday and Saturday and hence do not work on those days. It is similar in several Middle-Eastern countries while most countries commonly follow a Monday-Friday schedule. When you start showing openings in a certain region, ensure you get the culture and plan to accommodate it. 
  • Try to be specific about what you want – Add the job descriptions properly so they can easily target people with specialized skills. If you do not list the skills specifically, you are likely to waste valuable time for both. 
  • Provide perks to encourage employees to relocate – Moving to another country is a gargantuan undertaking that can be tough even if it is your dream job. When you offer perks like housing, transport, and perhaps an increased compensation when you hire foreign talent, it makes it worthwhile for the employee to pursue the role by moving.

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