Hanna Böhme

Heute vor einer Woche war der Neujahrsempfang der IHK Südlicher Oberrhein. Die „Wirtschaftsweise“ Prof. Monika Schnitzer hat den Festvortrag gehalten. Der demographische Wandel führt zu einem Fachkräftemangel. Als Maßnahme gegen den Fachkräftemangel hat sie mehr Zuwanderung vorgeschlagen: „Deutschland braucht 1,5 Millionen Zuwanderer im Jahr, wenn wir abzüglich der beträchtlichen Abwanderung jedes Jahr 400.000 neue Bürger haben und so die Zahl der Arbeitskräfte halten wollen“.

Heute eine Woche später bin ich Teil einer Delegation der Handwerkskammer Freiburg unter Leitung des Präsidenten, Johannes Ulrich nach Hyderabad, Delhi und Amritsar. Im dritten Jahr werden erneut in wenigen Monaten junge Inderinnen und Inder ihre Ausbildung bei uns in Südbaden beginnen. Für die jungen Frauen und Männer wäre es um ein vieles einfacher zum Beispiel nach England zu gehen. Denn sie müssen erstmal die A2 Deutschprüfung ablegen, bevor sie einreisen dürfen. Aber mit der Unterstützung der Agentur Magic Billion und angesteckt von der Begeisterung von Menschen wie Joachim Lederer, Obermeister der Fleischerinnung, oder Dr. Handirk von Ungern-Sternberg, Geschäftsbereichsleiter der HWK, lassen sich doch einige – und zum Glück immer mehr – auf eine Zukunft in Deutschland ein.

(From the Linkedin post of Hanna Böhme)
German Federal Minister Visit to India - Overseas Recruitment

Fostering Indo-German Talent Collaboration: Magic Billion and Germany’s Joint Initiatives

Germany acknowledges the remarkable pool of talent that India presents, and here at Magic Billion, we take pride in spearheading this collaborative effort. Hubertus Heil, Germany’s Federal Minister for Labor and Social Affairs, recently made a significant trip to India with the aim of promoting the entry of skilled workers and the recruitment of talented engineers, nursing staff and IT specialists.

During this visit, he engaged with numerous candidates from Magic Billion at an event hosted at the German Embassy. Aditi Banerjee, our Co-Founder & CEO, who also graced the occasion, had a conversation with Popular German public service television broadcaster ZDF, underscoring the necessity for a well-structured process to further smoothen the migration journey for Indian experts.

Magic Billion’s Conducted a Successful Recruitment Drive for an Overseas Client

Magic Billion recently conducted a recruitment drive for an Overseas Client at our multiple testing centres. 100s of welders – both SS and CS, and a similar number of Fitters, have been selected, in possibly one of the most successful drives ever. The clients were thrilled with the quality of our Indian Talent, and the immense infrastructure of global standards. Proud to showcase our Indian Talent to global employers, and provide them with a seamless platform for recruitment


Co-founder Introduced in Webinar on International Job Opportunities for Indian Youth

We are proud to announce that our highly respected Co-Founder has been invited as a distinguished speaker at the Webinar held on May 26th, 2023. The co-founder, Basab Banerjee, was invited as a distinguished speaker and shared their expertise on the topic.

With their vast experience in the industry and deep understanding of the global job market, Magic Billion provided valuable insights and advice to the participants. They discussed various aspects related to international job searches, such as networking, cultural adaptability, and skill development, shedding light on the key factors that can contribute to a successful transition into international roles.

It was an enlightening session where he shed light on how these opportunities can shape their career paths and contribute to their professional growth and success.

Romanian Employer

Romanian Employer Selecting Magic Billion’s Candidates

At Magic Billion we follow transparent processes for overseas placements. This image is of one of our Romanian employers who recently flew to our Kolkata Centre to interview candidates for engineering and general worker roles.

We made him speak directly to the candidates, and offer letters to selected candidates were given by him immediately after the interviews were concluded.

We only work directly with employers, and our candidates love the clarity of the process, and the training we give them, resulting in 70% and higher success rates. Incidentally, this was a repeat order, thanks to the excellent performance of our first cohort in their factory!

Magic Billion signed an MOU with Government of Telangana

Magic Billion has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Government of Telangana to provide job opportunities abroad to the youth of Telangana. The MOU was signed with their Overseas Manpower Arm TOMCOM, in the presence of Special Chief Secretary LETF, Smt I. Rani Kumudini IAS. Dr. Vishnu, IFS, MD TOMCOM, signed the MOU along with our Co-founder Mr. Basab Banerjee. Our goal is to secure overseas job offers for the youth of Telangana at the earliest opportunity.

Magic Billion's Efforts to Bridge Global Skill Gap with Highly Specialized Indian Professionals

Magic Billion Sources Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Professionals for Germany

Magic Billion‘s efforts to sell the Magic of a Billion Indians to Global Employers are achieving new successes regularly. We’re excited to report the selection of first-ever Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Professionals for Germany from India. The most niche, specialised and exclusive professionals, trained and certified to global standards, can be sourced from India.

We have a unique 360-degree engagement process with global employers, commencing with international competency mapping, and progressing onwards with knowing where to source these candidates from, and how to top up their skills to prepare for the international market. Many more features embed our colourful portfolio, which makes us successfully deliver Indian professionals to global employers, across geographies and across job roles.

Transforming India into a Skilled Nation: Dr. Mahesh Sharma’s Vision with Magic Billion

Delighted to address the interaction session with Magic Billion, supported by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under the aegis of the Skill India mission. With a vision to transform India into a skilled nation, events like these give a boost to employment opportunities.

(From the FB post of Dr Sharma)
Visitors from Leading German Media House at Magic Billion office

Magic Billion Hosts Visitors from Leading German Media House at their Office and Global Academy in India

Magic Billion was honoured to host Dorothea and Tim from a leading German Media House at our Office and Global Academy in NCR India. We are basking in the warm accolades that our overseas visitors shower us with, which makes us resolve even more to make India, the Skill Capital of the World. This team was particularly impressed by the span of work we undertake to source, document, prepare candidates for employer interviews, provide training and then manage the entire visa process of the candidates.

Magic Billion Co Founder & CEO Meets with Young Nurses of India

Magic Billion Co Founder & CEO Meets with Young Nurses of India for the Innovative Solutions for Global Job Opportunities in Healthcare Industry

Just had a great meeting with some amazing young nurses from India! As a founder, it’s always inspiring to meet with healthcare professionals who are passionate about their work and dedication to making a difference in the world. At Magic Billion, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that support nurses and other healthcare professionals in finding long-term global jobs. Looking forward to continuing the conversation and exploring ways to work together to make a positive impact on the healthcare industry globally. Seeking good partnerships in India to take these opportunities to more nursing colleges!


Magic Billion assisted Indian general workers to secure employment opportunities in Romania

Magic Billion sends another set of Indian skilled workers to Romania. This time it is in a Food Processing Company, and soon to follow are Food Engineers, Energy Engineers etc. As always, thanks to our close relationship with the employer, their staff was at the Airport to receive the workers. These workers got skilled through a pre-departure training module, and we wish them well as they earn wonderful paychecks and valuable foreign exchange for India. Thanks, Siddhartha Mallick for your super support!

Magic Billion in German Media Coverage

Mr. Till Fahnders, a distinguished journalist from a leading German newspaper, “Franffurter Allgemeine”, visited our office and Magic Billion Global Academy and highlighted our commitment towards achieving this goal.

We take immense pride in the fact that our initiatives have been featured in Germany’s most important national newspaper “Franffurter Allgemeine”, showcasing our contribution towards the betterment of Indian job seekers.

This has not only boosted our morale but has also inspired us to continue our efforts toward creating more success stories for our candidates.

Owner of 200+ year old German construction company visits our Magic Billion office & global academy

At Magic Billion Office, we are always pleased to receive numerous global employers who are keen to hire Indian Talent for their companies, and yesterday one of the owners of a 200 + year old, well diversified German construction company, paid us a visit. He was keen to understand our 360 degree talent engagement process, which seamlessly allows Indian talent to be sourced, skilled and sent to various countries across the globe. He also visited our Global Academy and interacted with current lot of construction trainees. Another engagement for Making India the Skill Capital of the World is underway!

Delhi Skills and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) Meets Magic Billion

Dr Rihan Suri Pro VC and Dr Neeta Pradhan Das of DSEU met with Mr. Basab and Mr. Sudipto of Magic Billion, and both parties explored how overseas placements can be provided to youth of Delhi.

Nurses from AP State Start getting offers from German Employers

In a mere two months after signing the MOU with AP Skills mission, Government of AP, Nurses who have applied for the opportunity for Nurses in Germany have had interview preparation rounds, their documents checked, and processed, fitment done with German Hospitals and interviewed with German employers. Not just that, their offer letters are also here, that is the speed with which we work in Magic Billion.

Magic Billion Founders in Germany

Ms. Aditi and Mr. Basab recently travelled to Germany on the invitation of German employers keen to source talent from India. What was remarkable about the meetings with German employers was the enthusiasm of those who currently have Indians working with them, to “sell” Magic Billion to the audience!
BBC coverage

Our Program has Received Recognition & been Featured by the BBC

A Landmark event happened to us, in Magic Billion. For the first time possibly in the history of Global Talent Migration from India, an Indian Company’s work, and our program, has been featured in the BBC. It’s a 26 min long audio document – our project starts from 8.30 min, two of our candidates have been profiled Arjun and Anakha. While the BBC didn’t want to mention MB by name since we are a private player and they didn’t directly interview us, despite our German Partner Freiburg speaking about us for 30 mins. This is what true global talent migration means…and at Magic Billion we are bending our backs to make it happen..
India and Germany Share Strategies for Success

Addressing the Future of Skilled Workforce: India and Germany Share Strategies for Success

On the fourth day of State Minister Dr. Florian Stegmann’s visit, the German Consulate organized a roundtable discussion on skilling, skill development, and labor mobility.

During the Dialog, our President Mr. Basab Banerjee gave a presentation on the Projects Magic Billion is doing with various Industry Chambers in Germany. This was very well received . Our Company was the only Indian company to have been provided a speaking opportunity.

Magic Billion and Saskatchewan Polytechnic – Exciting Collaborations Ahead!

The Magic Billion team had a productive meeting with the team at Saskatchewan Polytechnic to discuss potential areas of collaboration. The goal of the meeting was to explore ways in which both teams could work together to bring their ideas to life. The discussions were focused and insightful, and both groups felt that there is much that can be achieved through collaboration. The future is looking bright, and the Magic Billion and Saskatchewan Polytechnic teams are excited to see the initiatives that will come to fruition in the coming months.

India could soon be Germany’s biggest SOURCE OF TALENT

At Magic Billion, Germany is a household name, as we source, skill and send Indian youth to Germany in hundreds, for the last few years. We have contracts from German employers for Indian professionals – right from Design Engineers to Construction apprentices and Nursing professionals. And the orders are increasing every month. So it’s no surprise when TOI today publishes this huge article titled. “India could soon be Germany’s biggest source of Talent”. Ja, das wird bald passieren . Yes, this will happen soon!!

Bringing healthcare opportunities in Australia for talented Indian Professionals

The leadership team from a leading Healthcare Company was at our office recently and the new year is sure to bring healthcare opportunities in Australia for talented Indian Professionals!!

Magic Billion Agreement with Haryana Skill Mission in the News

Haryana Review published an article on the Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) and Magic Billion Agreement and said it opened doors for the youth of Haryana to go and work in global destinations.

Magic Billion mentioned in German Government Magazine

The German Government’s Federal Training institute, BiBB, partnered with Magic Billion to select, train and place Indian candidates to Germany. On success of the Model, an Article was published in their Magazine, which is now being read globally.

Magic Billion at Hamirpur (H.P.)

We are making overseas opportunities accessible to every nook and corner of our country. Soon global best practices in Germany would be driven by the youth from Districts like Hamirpur!! And foreign remittances would flow into these districts, making them economically progressive. We appreciate the support of our Country’s leadership in our Project to bring Global Magic to Billion households.

Magic Billion in Germany

Magic Billion has sent more than 100 candidates to Germany this year, and many more are in the pipeline. With that, there is the confidence of German employers, who are rooting for more youth from India.

Haryana Skill Development Mission Celebrates Collaboration with Magic Billion and its Candidate in Germany

Haryana Skill Development Mission has recognized Mr. Lalit’s experience which sheds light on Magic Billion’s support in providing global opportunities.
It feels great to witness the experience of our bright candidates like Mr. Lalit, who are the strong pillars of support in spreading our mission.
It is worth mentioning that Mr. Lalit Kumar, a resident of the Rewari district of Haryana, has now safely moved to Germany because of the collaborative efforts of the Haryana Skill Development Mission and Magic Billion.

Meeting at Russain Embassy

It was a wonderful meeting of Mr. Basab Banerjee with senior members of the Russian Embassy in Nov 2022, to support the travel of our first set of Indian Professionals to Russia. This will mark the culmination of a long cycle of diligence, contract signing, candidate selection, testing at our Kolkata Centre, documentation, and now finally the Visas before they join work in Russia. Thank you members of the diplomatic corps of India and Russia for your support. We at Magic Billion are excited that this starts the mobility of large numbers of Indian Talent to Russia to support a host of industries there.

Magic Billion Team Invited to Australian Embassy

Vipul Rastogi and Leo Bremanis from the Australian Embassy met with the Founders of Magic Billion in Oct 2022 and exchanged ideas on Australia-India collaborations in the Skills space. Working together for skill enhancement is excellent for India’s youth, so the term “Future Skills Initiative” is very appropriate. We look forward to working together.

Global Recession: How Would it Impact Employment in India and Abroad?

The world’s biggest economy, the USA, is technically in recession with the economic growth recently having risen to negative numbers. Immigration trends show that major economic global changes are being felt in the USA, especially among both high and low-skilled workers. The admission process for education also falls by more than 50%. With the recession, only those with skills that are desperately needed will be competitive for jobs in the workforce.

That’s why upskilling is important for long-term success. Companies prefer people with both knowledge and experience—and that’s where student exchange programs come in! These partnerships can provide funding as well as promotion opportunities.
The work abroad programs designed for Indian candidates ensure that they will have on-the-job training as well as a stipend to cover their living expenses during the training period. These programs provide guaranteed jobs at the end of the training, too.

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