Hospitality Recruitment – Nurses Recruitment

Effective Strategies to Hire the right Nurses

The hospitality industry has suffered a severe blow during the pandemic with opportunities drying up in the non-medical sector and mass layoffs. Although nurses have been in demand it has become hard to attract and recruit quality nurses as well. While nurses comprise a major part of the healthcare and hospitality sector, there is a severe shortage despite the rising demand. The reason for this lies in several factors like the increase in the aging population requiring constant care, a decrease in the number of graduating nurses as well as a rise in retirements. The pandemic, in addition, has diverted much of the workforce to its cause.

There are many recruitment companies now specializing in hospitality recruitment as well as the recruitment of trained nurses. It is quite challenging for HR managers responsible for nurses recruitment in this current environment with so many factors that are not in their control. However, with specific and clever strategies that positively impact nurses, hiring experts can find the candidates suited to them. A few useful strategies are discussed below that often make hiring efforts more effective. 

  • Advertising – Ads in journals, email marketing, and website ads are an effective tool to target qualified nurses.
  • Career advancement opportunities – Incentive programs like residency and transition to practice can attract the top graduates from nursing. This also helps in retention.
  • Good compensation – As there is a dearth of quality nurses all over, it would be smart to offer a substantial package as compensation. Reimbursement programs for loans and tuition are also a great investment.
  • Flexible Hours – Offering a flexible schedule helps nurses from burning out ad also manage their work-life balance. 
  • Use your social media presence – Keep your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin account active. Broadcast work environment and testimonials from employees to attract top talent.
  • Talk about Safety Programs –  Create safety programs to prevent on-the-job injuries and violence against nurses. These welfare programs go a long way to convince qualified nurses to apply. 

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