Manufacturing Recruitment Firms

The Right Approach to Hiring In Manufacturing

Even though jobs in manufacturing were previously regarded as low-skilled and low-income, the current scenario actually shows that the industry is growing more powerful. In today’s times, these jobs have become increasingly technical as they need both engineerings as well as traditional manufacturing skills. It is, therefore, no surprise that human resources professionals are finding it difficult to recruit motivated, skilled, and experienced candidates.

Manufacturing recruitment firms that are struggling to hire the right candidates can apply the tips and strategies mentioned ahead to target and hire skilled professionals.

· Set a Standard for Minimum Qualifications

When you list out the fundamental skills and capabilities needed for the job, avoid including those skills that can be learned quickly within a few weeks on the job. This ensures that capable potential candidates do not get discouraged if they are not familiar with your specific processes or criteria. Set the criteria for selection in such a way so as to allow even minimally-qualified candidates through the initial rounds of the recruitment process. Also, you must ensure that you meet all legal standards and focus on the right factors.  When you create a job description that clearly mentions the minimum qualifications and posts it early in the hiring process, it helps the candidates to clearly understand the expectations and also helps you speed up your elimination process.

· Increase the Scope of your Search

The manufacturing industry has evolved and so have the roles and job requirements. Today the sector is looking for employees who can manage hybrid manufacturing jobs that require a wide range of skills. Hence it is important to widen your search and include more than manufacturing graduates and experts. For example, military veterans possess several skills that can be applied to manufacturing and they are also quick learners who can work well under pressure, making them ideal for high-level manufacturing jobs.

· Device a Recruitment Strategy

Hiring and recruitment services run smoother and better when you have a fundamental strategy including your processes. A common strategy used by manufacturing recruitment firms is changing the perception of jobs. Many people still believe that manufacturing jobs are invariably tedious, underpaid, and overall unrewarding. Increasing awareness of the benefits of a top career in manufacturing can help break this stigma effectively. The best way to do that is to spread your message to local colleges and schools, conducting open houses and making candidates aware of the healthy earning potential in the sector.

· Provide Training Opportunities

Make cross-training available to your employees and make them aware of the opportunities for career growth that they can pursue. When you offer additional opportunities besides the job it helps build a culture where every employee feels valued and important.

· Prepare a Good Quality Job Preview Video

Through this media, you can give candidates a glimpse of the day-to-day activities taking place in a regular work setting. Use the video to highlight positive and real testimonies by team members that give a detailed idea of their role and responsibilities. Videos are a great way to reach out to top candidates and showcase what it is like to work for the company.

· Profit-Sharing and Retention

When every employee has a vested interest in the success and profit margins of the company, it offers a huge incentive for people to help make it grow. This important link between the business and the employees are directly proportional as the better the employees perform, the more profit the business makes and hence a corresponding increase in salaries. Retaining skilled and experienced workers is also very crucial. It is a tight labor market and holding on to performing employees, even at the cost of some added benefits, maybe a smart decision.

· Employee Satisfaction and Referral Programs

Not only is it important to recruit wisely in the manufacturing industry, but it is also important to keep your top employees happy. Provide the choice of flexible work hours, paid leave policies, and flexible vacation schedules to help employees create a comfortable work-life balance, especially the younger ones.  Referral programs are another great way of boosting your employees’ participation.

The aforementioned strategies, although quite basic, can lead to qualified and motivated recruitments. Magic Billion’s recruitment services have taken huge strides in the manufacturing sector, among other industries like hospitality, healthcare, and agriculture. With its vast network of skilled candidates and international employers, Magic Billion’s streamlined process finds the right candidate for the right role.