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Why Good Recruiters are Priceless for Software Developers

Despite the recent economic downturn, the tech job market is flourishing with software engineer and developer recruitments experiencing a steady rise. As demand for more innovative tech increases with the advent of various ‘new normals’ you’ll come across a market of developer and software engineer recruiters and so it is imperative to know how to distinguish between a good one and an average one.  

As a software engineer or developer, you may often feel bombarded by annoying recruiters, offering you a range of jobs but often failing to find you something more suited to you, your skills, or your personality. A great recruiter, however, will comprehend your requirements as their own, and represent you without any irritating nonsense. Such recruiters are few and are priceless at the right time.

To get the best jobs on the market as per your skillset and experience, a good recruitment partner is absolutely necessary – not only to understand your exact needs but also to support and advise you on a long-term basis. A few traits of a great recruiter are listed below:

They specialize in your skillset – Software engineering recruitments and developers recruitments are best done by specialists who understand the trends, the process, and the competition well

They provide complete support and update – A good recruiter will always keep you in the loop even when there is nothing new to report

• They have extensive networks and strong relationships with businesses.

• They ask the right questions.

They know how to use the right tools – With the right software, a good recruiter will go out of their way to unearth talent and identify unique candidates that wouldn’t occur to an average recruiter

There are currently several great recruiters handling software engineer and developer recruitments globally. Companies like Magic Billion operate in more than 10 countries with dozens of partners and have a great eye for the right talent in the right role. They have deep management expertise and high success rates for international placements. 

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that a great recruiter will always look to improve your skills and placements without being complacent. Because currently, the world of tech is simply moving at a tremendous speed!