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Effective Hiring and Recruiting Strategies

The advancement in high-speed internet has empowered thousands of hiring and recruitment services to strengthen their businesses and expand their networks globally, thus enabling millions of job-seekers to find the correct job, with opportunities extending across continents. Over the years, recruitment services have evolved and created a chain of strategies to drive better hiring and the industry is constantly adapting to employer and employee needs. From communicating the right requirements and in your job ads to onboarding the best-fit candidates, it is the hiring strategies that can either make or break your recruitment process.

A few simple strategies every hiring services business should keep in mind are given below:

Keep building your employer brand – Probably the most difficult one, employer branding is also the most significant element in attracting, recruiting, and retaining great applicants. A survey estimated that 72% of leaders in hiring and recruitment services around the globe concur that branding has the biggest impact on recruiting. However, as aforementioned, it is the toughest aspect as well. Branding requires a lot of investments in both money and time to effectively pull it off. A bulk of this investment is spent on advertising and media, creating online profiles, and social monitoring. When branding is done well, the return on investment can be tremendous.

Invest in Employee Referral Programs – Old school employee referral programs are often regarded as the secret recipe for many recruiters across various industries. Although an underused recruiting tool, these programs offer a range of benefits like better quality hires at shorter durations, cheaper processes, and hence lower turnover rates.

Utilize your data to add improvements in your hiring and recruitment services – Hiring the candidates with good skills needs to be more of a refined process than a trial and error method. There are several parameters to measure when it comes to recruiting such as qualified candidate rate, time to hire, cost of the hire, response rate, and the overall completion rate of an application. By assessing this information you can track and improve your services.

Keep innovating your processes – Keep your website updated and interesting. Your social accounts should be inviting and credible. These are the best ways to increase views among applicants. Enhance your approach with time and increase your chances of getting highly skilled candidates.

Ensure you post accurate job details – You must make sure that your job descriptions are properly proofread, accurate, and reviewed twice if needed.  

Currently in India, among companies providing global hiring and recruitment services, Magic Billion is at the top of its game. With an extensive global footprint, top global partners, and a network covering 39 industry sectors, Magic Billion recruits the right candidates from India’s highly skilled workforce for global employers. The process used by the company is extremely streamlined for both employers and employees and it has been devised strategically to find the right role for the right candidate. As the world starts getting accustomed to the ‘new normals’, the strategies are bound to change, but the essential pointers mentioned in this article will always be beneficial.