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Global Agriculture Recruitment – Being Ready For the Right Job

The range and diversity of agricultural career opportunities has risen tremendously in many countries across the globe. This can be attributed to not only the continuous innovation but also a strong network of agriculture recruitment companies. It is not difficult any more to find agriculture-related roles be it horticulture, farming, agribusiness or even agricultural science. The opportunities are out there and so are recruiters.

Agriculture recruitment and employment is mostly similar to that of any other industry. Candidates fill out applications with their resumes and cover letters and wait for the right role. The job of those responsible for recruitment is to match the openings from employers against the right list of candidates and find the best fit.  There are many ways by which you can improve your odds of landing the right job. A few of them are discussed below.

Grow your online reputation attentively – It is not that every prospective employer will do a Google search on you, but you also do not want something to surface that may be unsavory to the person and reflect poorly on your professionalism. Assess your public social accounts thoroughly to ensure there are no unseemly elements that might show up. Remember just hiding stuff is not enough. Use your space to showcase your interests, creativity, volunteer agricultural work and other activity that can reflect positively on your character for a potential recruiter.

Spruce up your CV and cover letter – While this does not need to be said, most people do not regularly maintain or tailor their resumes for the job they are applying for. Ask someone to review your application documents with a fine-toothed comb and provide some constructive criticism. It is essential to have some inspired writing on your cover letter as a monotonous one may be boring to the reader.  

Conduct field interviews and do informational research – A major chunk of people omit this but it often turns out to be the difference between an amazing interview and an ordinary one.  Agriculture recruitment processes can help you land the right interview but grabbing the opportunity and making it a successful one depends entirely on you. Study the company you are applying to and familiarize yourself with how it operates and conducts its business. Prepare a few questions that would show your employers that you’ve done your research.

Prepare for the interview well – Having done your research should make you confident. Conduct a mock interview in front of the mirror if necessary. Go over the aspects you want to stress and things you can skip. Mock interviews often help reduce nervousness. Many agriculture recruitment companies also train you for your interview with information and diction.
Once you are all set with your resume and social profile clean-up it is important to find yourself a good recruiting company with a global network. A current example of a great recruiter is Magic Billion. With its extensive network of employers and candidates, Magic Billion leaves no stone unturned to ensure the right role goes to the right candidate. Not only that, they assist their candidates throughout the process from applying for the right job, closing any gaps like language training to the VISA processes specific to the country of employment. For employers too, it is a great platform to get candidates with right skills from the skilled Indian workforce.

A Global Rise in Welders’ Recruitments
Both the economy and employment is currently more secure abroad and hence it is no surprise that many welders are seeking opportunities to work out of the country. Working abroad offers a wide range of benefits that are simply too many to count. Besides a considerably higher compensation, the welders’ recruitment has also gone up in numerous overseas job markets indicating the rise in demand for skilled welders. For recruiters too, this is an extremely good time to hire welders from countries like India where the workforce is larger, more skilled and cheaper.

It is not as difficult to get an overseas welding job as most people think. To get a good job, a welder not only must have similar or better skills but should also possess a richer experience than the local welders of the country he/she is planning to work in.
While the requirements and the shortage of skilled labor situation is known to many, welders are not always able to find the right jobs suited to their capabilities. Similarly, those responsible for welders’ recruitment often cannot reach the right candidates to fit the roles perfectly. The best way for welders to get work abroad is through recruitment companies based in their own country or in the country where they plan to work in.

Companies like Magic Billion help such candidates find the right job in the right country as per their skills and requirements. It also assists recruiters abroad to get the best fit candidate. From recruiting to interviewing to VISA processing, Magic Billion provided end to end support to candidates and international employers.
Welders’ recruitment has currently gone up and it is no longer a job for just making ends meet. Welders with the right accreditations earn good salaries. After gaining some experience, welders can expect projects in oilfields or off-shore rigs that come with six-figure compensations.