Become An Ace Private Investigator June 09, 2020

Women Mavericks – Need of the Hour in India

By Aditi Banerjee| recrutiment,hiring,hire from india,indian skills,jobs,entrepreneurs

Having been in the development sector for 14 years, I had heard and read about how one of the best ways to give a woman a ‘voice’ in her own life, and her household, was for her to become economically independent. And for the longest time, I believed it. Till this hypothesis was severely tested this summer. Let me explain. I started my own company, Magic Billion, two and a half years ago, to help skilled Indians access the best international job opportunities. Of those we placed abroad, less than 5% are women. Agreed, that’s not the best number to look at since this number should be disaggregated for types of job roles ...

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