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Effective Hiring and Recruiting Strategies

The advancement in high-speed internet has empowered thousands of hiring and recruitment services to strengthen their businesses and expand their networks globally, thus enabling millions of job-seekers to find the correct job, with opportunities extending across continents. Over the years, recruitment services have evolved and created a chain of strategies to drive better hiring and the industry is constantly adapting to employer and employee needs. From communicating the right requirements and in your job ads to onboarding the best-fit candidates, it is the hiring strategies that can either make or break your recruitment process.

A few simple strategies every hiring services business should keep in mind are given below:

Keep building your employer brand – Probably the most difficult one, employer branding is also the most significant element in attracting, recruiting, and retaining great applicants. A survey estimated that 72% of leaders in hiring and recruitment services around the globe concur that branding has the biggest impact on recruiting. However, as aforementioned, it is the toughest aspect as well. Branding requires a lot of investments in both money and time to effectively pull it off. A bulk of this investment is spent on advertising and media, creating online profiles, and social monitoring. When branding is done well, the return on investment can be tremendous.

Invest in Employee Referral Programs – Old school employee referral programs are often regarded as the secret recipe for many recruiters across various industries. Although an underused recruiting tool, these programs offer a range of benefits like better quality hires at shorter durations, cheaper processes, and hence lower turnover rates.

Utilize your data to add improvements in your hiring and recruitment services – Hiring the candidates with good skills needs to be more of a refined process than a trial and error method. There are several parameters to measure when it comes to recruiting such as qualified candidate rate, time to hire, cost of the hire, response rate, and the overall completion rate of an application. By assessing this information you can track and improve your services.

Keep innovating your processes – Keep your website updated and interesting. Your social accounts should be inviting and credible. These are the best ways to increase views among applicants. Enhance your approach with time and increase your chances of getting highly skilled candidates.

Ensure you post accurate job details – You must make sure that your job descriptions are properly proofread, accurate, and reviewed twice if needed.  

Currently in India, among companies providing global hiring and recruitment services, Magic Billion is at the top of its game. With an extensive global footprint, top global partners, and a network covering 39 industry sectors, Magic Billion recruits the right candidates from India’s highly skilled workforce for global employers. The process used by the company is extremely streamlined for both employers and employees and it has been devised strategically to find the right role for the right candidate. As the world starts getting accustomed to the ‘new normals’, the strategies are bound to change, but the essential pointers mentioned in this article will always be beneficial.

Women Mavericks – Need of the Hour in India

Having been in the development sector for 14 years, I had heard and read about how one of the best ways to give a woman a ‘voice’ in her own life, and her household, was for her to become economically independent.

And for the longest time, I believed it. Till this hypothesis was severely tested this summer. Let me explain.

I started my own company, Magic Billion, two and a half years ago, to help skilled Indians access the best international job opportunities. Of those we placed abroad, less than 5% are women. Agreed, that’s not the best number to look at since this number should be disaggregated for types of job roles – sectors like manufacturing and construction have predominantly high number of male participants.

However, for a sector like education, especially elementary/primary and middle school teachers (those to teach grades/classes 1 through 8), 50% or more teachers are women in India. I couldn’t find a statistic for this from India but having worked in the education sector in India for 5 years and being a product of the system myself, I find that to be a reasonable assumption. As a comparator, in the OECD countries, on average more than 80% of teachers teaching primary/elementary children are women.

We are currently placing Indian teachers for 3-5 years in the US on a J1 Cultural Exchange visa. For teachers this is a brilliant program, and honestly if I was a teacher, I would have applied. Too many reasons to count but a few are:

· It’s for 3-5 years, so long term – particularly great for those looking to go to the US, with severe restrictions in the usual H1B visa category for skilled Indians.

· You earn $45-70K/annum (depending on the state in the US) – this amounts to INR 35-55lacs/annum. Current salaries for urban teachers in India are on average INR 5-6lacs/annum. The math on how much you will save is a no-brainer.

· Your spouse/domestic partner can work on a J2 visa – again, unlike H4 visas (dependants of H1B visas) who cannot work in the US. So, two incomes for your household with the J1 visa.

· Your children can study in American schools – good for international exposure.

· Better opportunities when you return to India after 5 years – having worked in an international environment counts in every sector and country.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is. But 2 months down, our sales and marketing team, has only been able to convince 5 teachers of how amazing this could be for them. FIVE. Of the 500 eligible applications (we received a total of 1500 CVs), 80% were women. Of this 80%, about half said they couldn’t pay the INR 3-3.5lac fees for the process training and US Sponsor’s visa related paperwork. We are providing skill loans for that but for the purposes for this argument, let’s focus on the balance 50% – or 200 female teachers. A staggering 90% of these financially independent women backed out after being “very excited” about the opportunity when our team first contacted them. The reason was the same, someone else who influences the decisions for them was not excited enough: husband didn’t agree, father-in-law didn’t agree, or parents didn’t agree. All women were in the 25-40-year age group, and very few had a LinkedIn profile (i.e. they may be on social media platforms but not on professional ones). I am not calling these women ‘oppressed’ by any means but they are certainly not decision makers of their households. In my mind this is a broader women empowerment question (#metoo).

As an Indian woman myself and a development professional, this was both frustrating and enlightening at the same time. Arguments like you are of marriageable age so this is not the best time for you to move to the US, are not strong enough. Why constantly run on the standard path with pre-determined stops? Why can’t finding a partner and having a job abroad work hand in hand? Men do this all the time. We, as women, who have these opportunities need break these arguments down, have a discussion as equals in our households and be bold. We need to watch out and pull each other up.

On deeper thought and discussion, I realised that perhaps there are just not enough examples of Indian women who come from humble environs and have made it big because they were mavericks. And even if there are examples, they are not being talked about as much as they should be.

We are doing as much as we can, as Magic Billion, to give a platform to our Indian female candidates to speak about their journeys (watch Sushmitha and Golda Maria), so we know who the mavericks amongst us are – and I implore others who know similar women to help them to speak up!

Software Engineer Recruitment – Developers Recruitment

Why Good Recruiters are Priceless for Software Developers

Despite the recent economic downturn, the tech job market is flourishing with software engineer and developer recruitments experiencing a steady rise. As demand for more innovative tech increases with the advent of various ‘new normals’ you’ll come across a market of developer and software engineer recruiters and so it is imperative to know how to distinguish between a good one and an average one.  

As a software engineer or developer, you may often feel bombarded by annoying recruiters, offering you a range of jobs but often failing to find you something more suited to you, your skills, or your personality. A great recruiter, however, will comprehend your requirements as their own, and represent you without any irritating nonsense. Such recruiters are few and are priceless at the right time.

To get the best jobs on the market as per your skillset and experience, a good recruitment partner is absolutely necessary – not only to understand your exact needs but also to support and advise you on a long-term basis. A few traits of a great recruiter are listed below:

They specialize in your skillset – Software engineering recruitments and developers recruitments are best done by specialists who understand the trends, the process, and the competition well

They provide complete support and update – A good recruiter will always keep you in the loop even when there is nothing new to report

• They have extensive networks and strong relationships with businesses.

• They ask the right questions.

They know how to use the right tools – With the right software, a good recruiter will go out of their way to unearth talent and identify unique candidates that wouldn’t occur to an average recruiter

There are currently several great recruiters handling software engineer and developer recruitments globally. Companies like Magic Billion operate in more than 10 countries with dozens of partners and have a great eye for the right talent in the right role. They have deep management expertise and high success rates for international placements. 

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that a great recruiter will always look to improve your skills and placements without being complacent. Because currently, the world of tech is simply moving at a tremendous speed! 

Five advantages of learning a foreign language to grow your career

If you write your CV in the German language in Germany, you can get an edge over others. Japan and South Korea, two countries highly preferred for job opportunities, prefer candidates from other countries who can speak their language to some extent. Even a report by Industry Week says that 56% of people worldwide feel that foreign language skills demand will rise in the coming years.

Learning a foreign language helps your resume stand out, no matter which industry or sector. Recruiters will notice you amongst the herd when you are looking for jobs, especially foreign job positions in European and Asian countries. If knowing English is essential, knowing a foreign language is an extra advantage that you should not miss out on if possible. And nowadays, it’s not that difficult to learn a foreign language; there are numerous online resources and courses available, and recruitment agencies like Magic Billion are also helping candidates get skilled and trained in a foreign language using cutting-edge pedagogy, institutional design, and tech-enabled learning. Explore more about how Magic Billion does it here

So, what kind of career advantages would you get if you learned a foreign language?

1. Create more job opportunities for yourselves

The world is becoming global, and the demand for bilingual or multilingual professionals is growing. Hence, there are a lot of companies that require employees who are at least bilingual, especially companies in North America. Therefore, being well versed in multiple languages will help you grab opportunities at a global level faster than others.

2. Fill the communication gap

When you go abroad for your job, the cultural difference between that country and your home country can deter communication and adaptability. If you learn the local language, you can blend in with people from that country, which will make you more proficient in people skillsone of the most crucial skills necessary for recruiters nowadays.

3. Steer interviews your way

If you know the country’s language where you are applying for a job, the recruiters will for sure open up to you more despite you being a foreigner to them and will give you a preference from all the monolingual candidates. A British Chambers of Commerce study suggests that language barriers limit around 60% of companies- hence the lookout for multilingual candidates for global business development is ever rising!

4. Be at the forefront of career growth

Many companies pursue business opportunities in different parts of the world. Such companies would always prefer sending employees or managers well versed in the local language to bridge the communication gap with the clients. This will help give the employees a global appeal, thus accelerating your career growth. Knowing your client’s native language will elevate the professional and business relationship, leading to better business results and personal career opportunities.

5. Command higher salaries

Salary is the most crucial factor for many when they go for foreign jobs. And, it is very accurate that learning a foreign language can help you command a higher salary than your peers. We are not bluffing; we have proof! A report states that knowing a foreign language can help you increase your salary by 10-15% than your colleagues, and result in faster promotions!

So, now that we have told you about the five most important advantages of knowing a foreign language, you must wonder which language I should learn. English, French, Mandarin, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish are some of the most in-demand languages to be learned, simply because the countries speaking these languages have better business opportunities and some of the top companies residing. Thus these countries are the focus of good global career prospects.

So, don’t wait and ponder more; pick a language, and start learning! And if you are still confused and want to get a headstart, visit Magic Billion to know about our certified and recognized foreign language upskilling courses!

Manufacturing Recruitment Firms

The Right Approach to Hiring In Manufacturing

Even though jobs in manufacturing were previously regarded as low-skilled and low-income, the current scenario actually shows that the industry is growing more powerful. In today’s times, these jobs have become increasingly technical as they need both engineerings as well as traditional manufacturing skills. It is, therefore, no surprise that human resources professionals are finding it difficult to recruit motivated, skilled, and experienced candidates.

Manufacturing recruitment firms that are struggling to hire the right candidates can apply the tips and strategies mentioned ahead to target and hire skilled professionals.

· Set a Standard for Minimum Qualifications

When you list out the fundamental skills and capabilities needed for the job, avoid including those skills that can be learned quickly within a few weeks on the job. This ensures that capable potential candidates do not get discouraged if they are not familiar with your specific processes or criteria. Set the criteria for selection in such a way so as to allow even minimally-qualified candidates through the initial rounds of the recruitment process. Also, you must ensure that you meet all legal standards and focus on the right factors.  When you create a job description that clearly mentions the minimum qualifications and posts it early in the hiring process, it helps the candidates to clearly understand the expectations and also helps you speed up your elimination process.

· Increase the Scope of your Search

The manufacturing industry has evolved and so have the roles and job requirements. Today the sector is looking for employees who can manage hybrid manufacturing jobs that require a wide range of skills. Hence it is important to widen your search and include more than manufacturing graduates and experts. For example, military veterans possess several skills that can be applied to manufacturing and they are also quick learners who can work well under pressure, making them ideal for high-level manufacturing jobs.

· Device a Recruitment Strategy

Hiring and recruitment services run smoother and better when you have a fundamental strategy including your processes. A common strategy used by manufacturing recruitment firms is changing the perception of jobs. Many people still believe that manufacturing jobs are invariably tedious, underpaid, and overall unrewarding. Increasing awareness of the benefits of a top career in manufacturing can help break this stigma effectively. The best way to do that is to spread your message to local colleges and schools, conducting open houses and making candidates aware of the healthy earning potential in the sector.

· Provide Training Opportunities

Make cross-training available to your employees and make them aware of the opportunities for career growth that they can pursue. When you offer additional opportunities besides the job it helps build a culture where every employee feels valued and important.

· Prepare a Good Quality Job Preview Video

Through this media, you can give candidates a glimpse of the day-to-day activities taking place in a regular work setting. Use the video to highlight positive and real testimonies by team members that give a detailed idea of their role and responsibilities. Videos are a great way to reach out to top candidates and showcase what it is like to work for the company.

· Profit-Sharing and Retention

When every employee has a vested interest in the success and profit margins of the company, it offers a huge incentive for people to help make it grow. This important link between the business and the employees are directly proportional as the better the employees perform, the more profit the business makes and hence a corresponding increase in salaries. Retaining skilled and experienced workers is also very crucial. It is a tight labor market and holding on to performing employees, even at the cost of some added benefits, maybe a smart decision.

· Employee Satisfaction and Referral Programs

Not only is it important to recruit wisely in the manufacturing industry, but it is also important to keep your top employees happy. Provide the choice of flexible work hours, paid leave policies, and flexible vacation schedules to help employees create a comfortable work-life balance, especially the younger ones.  Referral programs are another great way of boosting your employees’ participation.

The aforementioned strategies, although quite basic, can lead to qualified and motivated recruitments. Magic Billion’s recruitment services have taken huge strides in the manufacturing sector, among other industries like hospitality, healthcare, and agriculture. With its vast network of skilled candidates and international employers, Magic Billion’s streamlined process finds the right candidate for the right role.

Hire Foreign Talent – Hire International People

Hiring Foreign Employees – Thing to Keep in Mind

A widely popular way used by global companies to stay competitive is to hire workers from all around the world. This not only diversifies their skill sets but also gives them an edge over those who hire only locally. It is important to use the correct recruitment processes while acquiring experienced and skilled international talent, as they bring varied perspectives and fill talent gaps that may be found wanting locally. For many companies, hiring remote workers from different nations has become the norm. After all, who doesn’t want their company running even outside their work hours when the locals are sleeping? Different time zones seem to pander to this luxury quite nicely to the delight of the chiefs.

It is, therefore, no surprise that HR experts often go out of their way to hire foreign talent. However, research studies show that a major chunk of HR managers find it difficult to recruit the top employees globally. There are several obstacles when HR employees set out to hire international people. It could be the dearth of capable and quality employees, irregular timelines, lack of credible sources, or even visa requirements. Therefore, it is imperative to have a strong hiring strategy ready when recruiting international employees. Given below are a few tips to know that will definitely appeal to global employees:

  • Every workplace culture differs and needs to be understood – In Israel, employees observe Sabbath on Friday and Saturday and hence do not work on those days. It is similar in several Middle-Eastern countries while most countries commonly follow a Monday-Friday schedule. When you start showing openings in a certain region, ensure you get the culture and plan to accommodate it. 
  • Try to be specific about what you want – Add the job descriptions properly so they can easily target people with specialized skills. If you do not list the skills specifically, you are likely to waste valuable time for both. 
  • Provide perks to encourage employees to relocate – Moving to another country is a gargantuan undertaking that can be tough even if it is your dream job. When you offer perks like housing, transport, and perhaps an increased compensation when you hire foreign talent, it makes it worthwhile for the employee to pursue the role by moving.

Recruiters like Magic Billion have been doing a great job lately in hiring top talent from India for international companies. With streamlined processes including visa assistance, Magic Billion has found many foreign employers the right candidates.

Hospitality Recruitment – Nurses Recruitment

Effective Strategies to Hire the right Nurses

The hospitality industry has suffered a severe blow during the pandemic with opportunities drying up in the non-medical sector and mass layoffs. Although nurses have been in demand it has become hard to attract and recruit quality nurses as well. While nurses comprise a major part of the healthcare and hospitality sector, there is a severe shortage despite the rising demand. The reason for this lies in several factors like the increase in the aging population requiring constant care, a decrease in the number of graduating nurses as well as a rise in retirements. The pandemic, in addition, has diverted much of the workforce to its cause.

There are many recruitment companies now specializing in hospitality recruitment as well as the recruitment of trained nurses. It is quite challenging for HR managers responsible for nurses recruitment in this current environment with so many factors that are not in their control. However, with specific and clever strategies that positively impact nurses, hiring experts can find the candidates suited to them. A few useful strategies are discussed below that often make hiring efforts more effective. 

  • Advertising – Ads in journals, email marketing, and website ads are an effective tool to target qualified nurses.
  • Career advancement opportunities – Incentive programs like residency and transition to practice can attract the top graduates from nursing. This also helps in retention.
  • Good compensation – As there is a dearth of quality nurses all over, it would be smart to offer a substantial package as compensation. Reimbursement programs for loans and tuition are also a great investment.
  • Flexible Hours – Offering a flexible schedule helps nurses from burning out ad also manage their work-life balance. 
  • Use your social media presence – Keep your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin account active. Broadcast work environment and testimonials from employees to attract top talent.
  • Talk about Safety Programs –  Create safety programs to prevent on-the-job injuries and violence against nurses. These welfare programs go a long way to convince qualified nurses to apply. 

Magic Billion, one of the top recruitment companies in the country, has been active in hospitality recruitment and nurse recruitment for years. With its vast network of employers around the world and a talent pool of skilled employees in India, Magic Billion has brought together thousands of best-fit candidates and employers not only in nursing but also in various other industries like manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, and many more.

Agriculture Recruitment – Welders Recruitment

Global Agriculture Recruitment – Being Ready For the Right Job

The range and diversity of agricultural career opportunities has risen tremendously in many countries across the globe. This can be attributed to not only the continuous innovation but also a strong network of agriculture recruitment companies. It is not difficult any more to find agriculture-related roles be it horticulture, farming, agribusiness or even agricultural science. The opportunities are out there and so are recruiters.

Agriculture recruitment and employment is mostly similar to that of any other industry. Candidates fill out applications with their resumes and cover letters and wait for the right role. The job of those responsible for recruitment is to match the openings from employers against the right list of candidates and find the best fit.  There are many ways by which you can improve your odds of landing the right job. A few of them are discussed below.

Grow your online reputation attentively – It is not that every prospective employer will do a Google search on you, but you also do not want something to surface that may be unsavory to the person and reflect poorly on your professionalism. Assess your public social accounts thoroughly to ensure there are no unseemly elements that might show up. Remember just hiding stuff is not enough. Use your space to showcase your interests, creativity, volunteer agricultural work and other activity that can reflect positively on your character for a potential recruiter.

Spruce up your CV and cover letter – While this does not need to be said, most people do not regularly maintain or tailor their resumes for the job they are applying for. Ask someone to review your application documents with a fine-toothed comb and provide some constructive criticism. It is essential to have some inspired writing on your cover letter as a monotonous one may be boring to the reader.  

Conduct field interviews and do informational research – A major chunk of people omit this but it often turns out to be the difference between an amazing interview and an ordinary one.  Agriculture recruitment processes can help you land the right interview but grabbing the opportunity and making it a successful one depends entirely on you. Study the company you are applying to and familiarize yourself with how it operates and conducts its business. Prepare a few questions that would show your employers that you’ve done your research.

Prepare for the interview well – Having done your research should make you confident. Conduct a mock interview in front of the mirror if necessary. Go over the aspects you want to stress and things you can skip. Mock interviews often help reduce nervousness. Many agriculture recruitment companies also train you for your interview with information and diction.
Once you are all set with your resume and social profile clean-up it is important to find yourself a good recruiting company with a global network. A current example of a great recruiter is Magic Billion. With its extensive network of employers and candidates, Magic Billion leaves no stone unturned to ensure the right role goes to the right candidate. Not only that, they assist their candidates throughout the process from applying for the right job, closing any gaps like language training to the VISA processes specific to the country of employment. For employers too, it is a great platform to get candidates with right skills from the skilled Indian workforce.

A Global Rise in Welders’ Recruitments
Both the economy and employment is currently more secure abroad and hence it is no surprise that many welders are seeking opportunities to work out of the country. Working abroad offers a wide range of benefits that are simply too many to count. Besides a considerably higher compensation, the welders’ recruitment has also gone up in numerous overseas job markets indicating the rise in demand for skilled welders. For recruiters too, this is an extremely good time to hire welders from countries like India where the workforce is larger, more skilled and cheaper.

It is not as difficult to get an overseas welding job as most people think. To get a good job, a welder not only must have similar or better skills but should also possess a richer experience than the local welders of the country he/she is planning to work in.
While the requirements and the shortage of skilled labor situation is known to many, welders are not always able to find the right jobs suited to their capabilities. Similarly, those responsible for welders’ recruitment often cannot reach the right candidates to fit the roles perfectly. The best way for welders to get work abroad is through recruitment companies based in their own country or in the country where they plan to work in.

Companies like Magic Billion help such candidates find the right job in the right country as per their skills and requirements. It also assists recruiters abroad to get the best fit candidate. From recruiting to interviewing to VISA processing, Magic Billion provided end to end support to candidates and international employers.
Welders’ recruitment has currently gone up and it is no longer a job for just making ends meet. Welders with the right accreditations earn good salaries. After gaining some experience, welders can expect projects in oilfields or off-shore rigs that come with six-figure compensations.