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Our Strengths

Global Presence
With partners from Europe to Singapore to Japan, we ensure that our team speaks your language and can collaborate seamlessly.
Deep Expertise
We have a diverse experience across geography and industry in mapping Indian workers to global requirements.
World Class Processes
Use of cutting edge pedagogy, institutional design and tech enabled learning allows us to select and train the right candidates.
Indian Landscape Specialists
Three decades of experience in sourcing and skilling in India - both with Governments and private sector.
End to End Support
Single point contact from skill gap analysis to skilled worker dispatch to your business, customized to your needs.
High Credibility
Partners and industry leaders who can vouch for the quality of our work and reliability of our engagement.

A Well Proven Process

Collaborate to understand your unique manpower needs
We recognize that every client has very specific needs, driven by their business.
Design focused mobilization, skilling and certification
Once we know your needs, we detail out job roles and connect with high quality Indian training partners to design a program which would produce talent tailored to your requirement.
Interview & Dispatch workforce
We organize interview customize to your requirements and manage the entire process of candidate dispatch to destination countries.
Post Placement Support
We understand there may be teething issues when Indian workers travel oversees and get inducted in your workplace. We offer free post-placement support for up to six months to make sure you and your new employee(s) are happy with the outcome.
Global Partners & Employers
25+ Partners who cover 39+ Industry sectors
We also partner with Recruitment Agents (RAs) licensed by Government of India

Registration certificate numberB 0842/KOL/COM/1000+/5/9210/2016

Registration certificate number
B0665/UP/ 1000 PLUS/5/8990/2013

Become Our Partner

Only the best in Indian organisations qualify to become our partners. We have a stringent diligence process of selection. Once you qualify as our partner, you get access to work with us in sourcing and skilling candidates for top end global clients, benefiting both financially and in sense of purpose. Interested?

Anshuk Talwar - MD,IISD on partnering with Magic Billion.

Who we are

Basab Banerjee
30 years in vocational systems training design and management, in countries spanning Canada to Australia. He has supported the Government of India's efforts for overseas skilling.
Aditi Banerjee
Over 10 years in development finance and operations across multiple organisations like the World Bank and the Boston Consulting Group. Aditi is based in London and manages Global Business for Magic Billion.
Siddhartha Mallick
Overseas Recruitment Expert
23 years of experience in business development, business operation, business automation and client handling in diverse business areas.
We are members of industry associations